The Homeowner, the chimney sweep and the home inspector

homeowner’s chimney, fireplace & woodstove Handbook (PDF)

Chimney Performance Problems (PDF From Sweep Technician’s Textbook)

Oct. 2012 Popular magazine article on chimney inspections and scams

The Dangers of venting a heating system with pvc pipe

Burn local firewood

A Guide to Good Firewood     (PDF Format)

The Benefit of a chimney Liner     (pdf format)

Hairline Cracked Flue Tiles     (PDF Format)

That mysterious soot might be from candles

Earthquake Preparedness - Damaged chimneys can kill

Chimney Care After Natural Disasters     (PDF Format)

As more use wood heat, officials warn of chimney fires

Catalytic Wood stoves shouldn’t be operated without combustor

Creating Warm Winter Memories

Help! My Chimney Smells

Why Hire A Chimney sweep now instead of waiting until autumn

The art of starting a fire in your fireplace

my dryer doesn’t work anymore

Shielding your chimney from moisture damage

Tune up your woodstove

Why Furnace Flues Need Yearly Inspections and Cleanings     (PDF format)

Preventing Downdrafts     (PDF format)

protection from carbon monoxide     (pdf format)

Burn Clean to protect air quality     (PDF format)

Why should you hire a chimney sweep     (PDF format)

Chimney Swift Birds in your chimney     (pdf format)

Why your chimney should have a chimney cap     (pdf Format)

Importance of keeping the chimney cap’s screen clean     (pdf format)

when was the last time anyone looked at your chimney     (pdf format)

hazards of a cold house     (pdf format)

the problems with decorative shrouds on chimneys     (pdf format)

checklist to heating safety     (pdf format)

who will clean out my dryer vent     (pdf format)

fire escape plan     (pdf format)

Making a chimney flow flag     (pdf format)

Raccoons in the chimney     (pdf format)

Masonry Heaters     (pdf format)

Fire safety training can save your children’s lives     (pdf format)

beware of chimney scams     (pdf format)

do your smoke alarms work     (pdf format)

Use Caution with space heaters and fireplaces     (pdf format)

People getting Stuck In the Chimney     (pdf format)

protect your home from wildfire      (pdf format)

how to prevent water damage to your chimney     (pdf format)

Is Your Chimney Ready for Winter    (pdf Format)

How to choose a chimney Sweep    (pdf format)

Preserving the value of your home    (pdf format)

Caution: hot Glass!    (pdf Format)

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