1.  Save energy dollars - traditional throat dampers have a metal-to-metal seal.  Even when they are new, they leak.  That leaking gets worse over time as they rust and warp with heat.  That means even when they are closed they allow warm air from your home to escape up the chimney. This adds significantly to your energy costs. Lyemance and Lock-Top energy-saving dampers seal with a silicone rubber gasket that seals warm air in 90% more effectively that even new throat dampers.

2. Protect your chimney from water damage - damage caused by water from rain and snow will destroy your chimney.  Water runs down your chimney and erodes the mortar joints and damages the firebox in your fireplace.  Our energy-saving dampers will protect your inner chimney from water damage during those times you are not using your fireplace.

A word on quality:  There's a reason we install top dampers on more chimneys every year than any other type of damper.  They carry a lifetime warranty.  They're made of solid cast aluminum and stainless steel parts assembled to exact standards.  Use us, if you want the best energy-saving damper money can buy, choose.  Everything else is a distant second.

Three reasons every chimney needs a cap

1. Rain protection - water causes the greatest damage to your chimney of any of the elements.  It soaks into the porous bricks, eats away at the mortar, hastens the destruction of the chimney liner, and destroys the chimney crown.  A chimney cap does a great job of protecting your chimney from water damage.  For maximum chimney protection we recommend a multi-flue cap.  That's because a multi-flue cap covers the entire chimney, not just one flue.

2.  Animal protection - one of the great sources of danger to homeowners is the threat of disease from animals like raccoons, squirrels, birds, and rodents that make their home in their chimneys.  A well-made chimney cap will keep those animals out of your home forever.  Sturdy mesh and a strong lid keep even the most determined critters at bay.

3.  Spark protection - the mesh screen on our caps protect your home from sparks emitted from your chimney.  That means less danger of a fire caused by stray sparks from your fireplace or wood stove.

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A word on quality & installation:  We mount our caps using masonry anchors and adhesive. Most of our competition only uses the adhesive which dries out in a few years and then the cap blows off the chimney. Because we bolt into your masonry with anchors we can offer cap installations that are guaranteed for the life of your chimney crown. We only use 18 gauge stainless steel and copper to make our chimney caps and they have a lifetime warranty because they are made to exacting standards from the finest materials. That means we make them to stand up to severe weather, extreme heat, and animals that would make a home in your chimney.  We make them rugged because that's what you need in a chimney cap. There are other caps and installers, but if you want a lifetime of protection for your chimney, get the best... get Chimney Savers. 

Chase covers

A custom chase cover fits your chase perfectly - with options just right for you

These attractive, durable chase covers are custom made to fit snugly over your chimney chase to offer years of protection against the elements.  They can have as many chimney holes as needed, with any diameter and any location. We make our collars to entirely enclose your chimney pipe protecting it and eliminating the need for a caulked storm collar. Unlike our competition, we do not use any caulking on our chase covers all seams are welded and soldered. Our stainless steel and copper chase covers come with a lifetime warranty.

Custom-made chimney caps offer perfect fit, style, and material

Chimney Savers can custom make a cap just right for you. Not all flues and chimneys are a standard size or shape.  We offer custom caps so you can choose the size, shape, mounting style, and metal you like.  

Examples of Copper Hip and Ridge Lid Caps

that Chimney Savers installed 

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Below: Standard Flat Lid Stainless Steel Chimney Cap

Above: Stainless Steel

Wind Beater Chimney Cap

Reasons to use a top sealing energy-saving damper

A chase cover replacement job in progress.

We will go to any height to work on your chimney or install your chimney cap