chimney masonry by chimney savers



cast concrete crown

and proper chimney cap

Above: Nahant, MA. job


Chimney Savers specializes in the construction, repair and maintenance of all types of chimneys. The choices that you make whether you are designing and building a new home or renovating an existing home will affect your not only your home’s value but your families safety. In American architecture nothing evokes feelings of solidity and permanence like masonry.  

Above: Swampscott, MA. Chimney  re-pointing, repairs and cast in place linings


Above: Ipswich, MA. Historic fireplace restoration

Salem, MA. Roof up rebuilds

on a steep slate roof

Chimney Savers owns and does all of our own staging

saving you money on staging rental and set up fees


Whatever the material you choose for the chimney of your home, Chimney Savers has the experience, man-power, staging and equipment to handle your chimney job… No Job too Big / No Job too Small.  We do it all from constructing chimneys on brand new homes or complete rebuilds on older homes or even just some small repair work. What ever your chimney needs, Chimney Savers can help.

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Masonry has stood the test of time in our culture. Where as wood sided homes have come and gone over the decades, homes in the Northeastern United States built out of brick before our country’s inception hundreds of years ago, those chimneys are still standing today. There are very few problems associated with brick, it withstands the elements well, is maintenance free for decades, durable, and a valuable asset to any home not only because it looks better but it also brings a much greater resale or equity value than factory pre-made fireplaces and chimneys.

Complete roof up rebuild with new copper flashing

Belmont, MA. Chimney & liner repairs on steep slate roof

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Above and left: Gloucester, MA. Erection of tower staging and roof staging over a dormer for a roof up rebuild, and a stainless steel chimney lining with poured in place cement type insulation

Below: Some Cambridge, MA. repair jobs

Stone facade on new fireplace

Below: Manchester by the Sea, MA. repair jobs

Above: Ipswich, MA. repair job