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Jeffrey Wright

David Watt

Jimmy Beaudoin

Matt Dempster

Steven Wallace

Your local, licensed, insured and certified chimney sweep for Cape Cod

(ABOVE) David Watt (left) and Jimmy Beaudoin (right)

Our Team Leaders

Jeffrey Wright building a scaffold

Matt Dempster

Steven Wallace setting up a stair tower

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Dirty chimney flue causes a fire that destroys the home


Chimney needed repairs and was neglected, later it fell over during a windstorm

Owner of Chimney Savers

Historic Restoration Specialist

Founded Chimney Savers in 1997

Masonry Foreman

Licensed Construction Supervisor

With Chimney Savers since 2002

Chimney Sweep Manager

CSIA Certified

With Chimney Savers since 2005

Foreman for:

Window washing &

Chimney Sweeping

CSIA Certified

With Chimney Savers since 2017

Masonry Manager

With Chimney Savers since 2015